OK Computer Celebrating Last Few Months as a Teenager

That’s right, Radiohead’s monumental OK Computer is turning 20 in just a couple months.

Few albums have aged as well as OK Computer: Paranoid Android is still just as bizarre and adventurous, Climbing Up the Walls just as haunting, and shit Karma Police is a unfortunately even more relevant today than in ’97.

Ah 20. That odd “I-still-can’t-drink-at-bars” birthday is a bit melancholy in a strange way. Have to start wrapping up that teen angst and deciding whether or not you’ll start being a real person. Kind of the perfect birthday for an album released in that awkward inbetween stage in our culture. A time where the internet was big, but nowhere near as ubiquitous as today, where online presence was just beginning to connect and isolate ourselves at the same time. The perfect background to lead OK Computer into its sad, angst-ridden, and tragically hip teen years.


OK Computer heading to a local anger-poetry reading in late 2016

OK Computer, you’re probably the best album of the ’90s but its time to get it together. You have to start thinking if you can actually make any money with that art history major of yours. You’re in your second year of college and you still haven’t taken your science or math credits. You can’t just hang around at the coffee shop all day talking about how technology is going to destroy the world anymore… even if you are right.



The Opening to the 1997 Berserk Anime is Somehow a Garage Rock Banger

Why didn’t anybody tell me about this earlier?

Seriously, after marathoning all 347 currently available chapters of Berserk in the fall I was shocked to find myself playing air guitar while listening to the 1997 anime adaptation’s opening.


Berserk is one of the most bleak and harrowing reads in all of manga, yet it has one hell of an upbeat garage J-rock banger for an opening? Not gonna pretend this makes sense, but you won’t see me complaining. The closer an anime’s opening theme is to 90’s indie rock the better.

These days Berserk is as cursed as Guts, but at least we can always put our grasses on.